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"Are there women who like men in pantyhose?"

I will attempt to explain my thoughts on the subject. Obviously, I do not speak for all women. However, pantyhose issue aside, I believe that what I have to say may give a very generalized understanding of what women see in a man--pantyhose or not.

Do I like men in pantyhose? Before I answer that, I want to make clear that for the few of us women that actually like pantyhose, our reasons are probably very different from the reasons men may like to wear them.

I consider myself to be very perceptive. From what I have gathered in the months that I have been here (and elswhere), it appears that many pantyhose-wearing men wear pantyhose for one or more of the following reasons (excluding any medical reasons):
  • It is a fetish
  • There is some sort of thrill to wearing them in public
  • It is one element of a broader desire to crossdress
Do any of those reasons sound familiar?

I can't pretend to understand the psychology behind those reasons. However, if it satisfies a certain need, and doesn't harm anyone, I don't think it's bad for a man to wear pantyose.

So, do I like men in pantyhose?

I debated whether or not to touch this subject. It is not important to reveal what prompted this to become a blog topic. Suffice it to say, I have decided to air my thoughts on the matter because I think it may help some men understand, in some small way, what makes me tick. I think this would also be a good opportunity for me to give some gentle fashion advice to men who may be considering wearing pantyhose publicly.

Those who have read my humble words here on EP already know that I like to wear pantyhose. With that in mind, what I have to say regarding men in pantyhose may surprise you.

I mentioned what I perceive to be the reasons why men like to wear pantyhose are, because I think many pantyhose-wearing men would like to fantasize that women who enjoy pantyhose themselves are somehow "turned on" by the sight of a man in pantyhose. While there may be women like that out there, in my humble opinion, such women are exceedingly rare.

Understand that there is a distinction here between women who are genuinely "turned on," and women who lovingly accept and indulge their pantyhose-wearing husbands or boyfriends.

It is true that I love pantyhose. But in general, I wouldn't be "turned on" by seeing a man openly wearing pantyhose in public; it is neither a "turn on" nor a "turn off" in and of itself. If a man were to openly wear pantyhose in public, I would hope that in doing so, such a man isn't being daft about the look he is trying to achieve. I'm not talking about men who publicly wear pantyhose for shock value, or those who deliberately try to elicit a reaction from other people. I'm talking about men who try to wear pantyhose as part of their normal clothing.

Where I live, I personally haven't seen any men openly wearing pantyhose in public. I'm not saying there's anything good or bad about that; it just happens to be the demographic here. This doesn't necessarily mean that men here don't wear pantyhose; if they do, it's probably under their regular clothing, so I would never notice.

However, if I were to come across a man openly wearing pantyhose, how would I react? To be honest, it's hard to say without ever having confronted such a situation. I imagine I'd probably have mixed feelings about it. The issue isn't whether or not a man enjoys wearing pantyhose--some men just do. I get that. And, I'd assume it would be for one of the reasons I mentioned previously. I have no problem with the fact that some men like to wear pantyhose.

The real issue for me would probably be that in most cases, it would probably look very odd. From what I gather, it seems to me that many pantyhose-wearing men would like to just throw on a pair of pantyhose, throw on a skirt or some shorts, go walking down the street, and be accepted by everybody.

Understand that most people would be put off by the sight of a man in pantyhose; putting little thought into one's overall appearance would only serve to further drive public consensus toward the negative. My hope for men who would openly wear pantyhose is that they not get so caught up in the thrill that they lose sight of their overall look. Done smartly, properly shaved, and with great care and coordination, I do believe it is possible for a man to achieve a stylish look with fasionable hosiery. If a man wishes to openly wear pantyhose in public, I feel that he is obliged to show some class and sensibility when assembling his outfit.

Why such a high standard for men? Because there is basically no paradigm for such accessorization for men. I instinctively know how to coordinate pantyhose with my own outfits. In contrast, I have no point of reference when it comes to incorporating pantyhose into men's daily attire. I do have a general idea of what might look good or bad. Even so, it is hard to say without actually seeing it in practice. Thus, I feel the safest place to start in terms of attire would have to be the most conservative.

As I've said before, I have no problem with the fact that a man might want to wear pantyhose. But if he is going to wear them in an unfashionable manner while in public, I have no desire to see it. Mind you, the same goes for women, as they are sometimes just as guilty. (In fact, some women may be even worse--since they are women, they think they can get away with anything.) The point here is that I just don't care to observe pantyhose (or any other) fashion blunders--in men or women--because it demonstrates a lack of care or self-awareness in one's personal appearance.

Fashion considerations aside, I am sure that some men would have great legs in pantyhose. But as I have mentioned earlier, the wearing of pantyhose in and of itself is neither a "turn on" nor a "turn off." In my view, a man's attractiveness inherently exists within him regardless of what he is wearing. If I find a man appealing, it's not just because he's dressed a certain way. A man's personality, sensitivity, intelligence, and god-given appearance are what make him attractive. Clothing can enhance a man's appeal, but will never form the basis for it.

It is probably no surprise that, yes, my husband does wear pantyhose. I will only reveal that:
  • I accept and love him completely
  • We thoroughly enjoy the time we spend together in pantyhose
  • His only desire is to wear pantyhose; he is not a full-blown cross dresser
  • He does not wear pantyhose openly in public; they are always hidden beneath his regular clothing
  • He is very considerate; he doesn't allow pantyhose to dominate his mood or thoughts, and understands that sometimes it's better to leave them aside
The remaining details of our relationship are not relevant to this discussion.

I mentioned my husband because there is a certain duality with my attitude towards pantyhose-wearing men. Do I find my husband appealing? Definitely. Even in pantyhose? Yes, but not because he is wearing pantyhose. I find him very sexy, but it's everything about him, not the fact that he wears a certain piece of clothing.

True, I happen to think my husband looks really good in pantyhose. Of course, since he doesn't wear them openly, he doesn't need to match them with his outfits. Thus, in the privacy of our own home, he looks good in virtually any kind of pantyhose.

Admittedly, I am sure a lot of my biased perception stems from the immense love we have for each other. So, is this a double standard? Absolutely not! It is completely natural to be wholly enamored with the one you love. Traits that you look upon with ambivalance in other people are seen under a very different light with your loved one. That is the nature of love; it cannot be rationalized. If you truly love your partner, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

And, if you are completely commited to your spouse, nobody will light your fire in quite the same way that he or she does. I admit that somtimes, other "handsome" men may catch my eye; but that's all they are--eye candy. The only man that "does it" for me is my man--whether or not he is in pantyhose.

On a final note, I must point out to pantyhose-wearing men who have accepting wives that there is a difference between loving your wife, and loving your wife because she wears pantyhose or accepts your wearing of pantyhose. This is something I hope to address in a future post.

- Nohea

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Posted on 03:08PM on Feb 24th, 2011
Well said Nohea!

I, like your husband, wear pantyhose and shave my legs too. I wear them for medical reasons though and truthfully, have come to like the feel and support pantyhose offer my legs.

I typically don't walk into the local WalMart wearing shorts with pantyhose. I do, on occasion, wear them to more low key shopping venues or family functions with shorts.

All I ask is not to be stared at for the garment I am wearing on my legs. I do not stare when an overweight woman wears "jeggings" or a two piece bathing suit.

I simply do not pass judgement on people for the clothes they wear, the tattoos they may have, the piercings they may have, the color of their hair and the list goes on and on!!

My wife and daughters have no issues with seeing me in pantyhose, and most of their friends have seen me in them from time to time. I have to admit for the most part I have never heard anyone speak poorly of my wearing hosiery.

I just wanted to say I completely agreed with your blog.

Have a great day.
Posted on 04:31PM on Jun 29th, 2011
Hi, I liked your post. Thank you for being so open-minded. You stated early in your blog post, "I think this would also be a good opportunity for me to give some gentle fashion advice to men who may be considering wearing pantyhose publicly." Further on, your only statement was basically to not look like a clown and dress conservatively. I really was hoping for more detailed advice, in particular, with wearing hose with shorts. I think I do it well and have been complimented by some women on my legs and generally, no one ever mentions my hosed legs, except my mom and mother-in-law. Of course, my wife also, but then she lives with me.

I wear a lot of brown shorts or capris and usually go with tan or light brown colored hose or with light beige colored shorts, I'll wear a light tan or nude color. With darker shorts (navy, black), I'll pair them with tan/light brown and if the weather's cool, sometimes with black tights. I'll also match brown capris with black tights in cooler weather, even in winter with a nice pair of Ugg Butte boots. I usually only wear sheer black hose with jeans. I buy all of my hose either from, which sells men's hose or Ames Walker for some support hose styles - good prices and they offer great customer service for men.

I also try to look good and sensible when wearing shorts with hose and it's worked for me and my wife (she goes everywhere with me as well as in front of friends and family), but I'm very curious to hear from you what styles/pairings you'd recommend for men wearing hose (sheer and opaque) with shorts.


Posted on 12:29AM on Jul 25th, 2011

The two separate times I have seen it happen in public, the men were wearing opaque, black tights with dark cargo shorts. I don't particularly remember what kind of shirts they were wearing, but since they don't stick out in my mind, they were probably fairly ordinary. Overall, I would say they looked average. What I mean by this is that they didn't particularly stand out in any specific way, so I would say everything blended together well. It also didn't appear they were trying to provoke any kind of reactions or draw attention to themselves.

To specifically answer your question, I admit, you got me. I can't give you advice on how to dress. All I can do is give an opinion about something when I see it before me.

Regarding the men I saw wearing cargo shorts and black opaques, I thought it looked okay. Regarding what you've described--don't take this the wrong way, but I don't care for the capris. I'm not judging you for your choice to wear them, I just don't care for the capri look on men, that's all.

If you are wearing pantyhose with shorts, it may work if the hose compliments your skin tone well, and the coverage isn't too heavy. Even on women, I think it looks pretty bad when their pantyhose gives their legs that plastic, mannequin appearance. I prefer to see a natural look that compliments the skin, thus my preference for some of the more "prestigious" brands (I assume you've read my little rant about fine hosiery in an earlier post).

Regarding opaque tights with shorts, I think it would look okay with darker fall colors or black because they just seem more masculine to me. Yes, I know it sounds like a contradiction or double standard when I preach masculinity. I guess it's just a psychological barrier or bias I have, and I'm giving you an honest opinion based on that.

I'm glad your wife and mother-in-law are okay with your habit. Part of nurturing a healthy relationship involves finding a balance between accepting your partner's habits and knowing when not to take it too far. Take care.
Posted on 06:06PM on Aug 8th, 2011
I loved your blog on the subject of men wearing pantyhose. I too, love everything about this amazing fabric, and am quite fortunate. My wife enjoys wearing hose, and wears them often. She also accepts the fact that I wear them. And we do enjoy them during sex. I agree completely with your article on the subject!
Posted on 02:52PM on Feb 16th, 2012
I just wanted to say I really loved you blog, very well worded. I am a man who doesn't ever wear pantyhose however, I am I would say that the ones that go out of their way to get noticed are the only ones that I actually get upset over. Don't get me wrong, I think Pantyhose are the sexiest thing a woman can wear, I do have a pantyhose fetish.. big time, just on the woman and not on myself. I do however think that when you are out in public, you should conduct yourself and dress yourself in an acceptable manner. Not everyone in the world agree's with everyone so, why provoke those that are easily provoked? I think everyone should be able to do what ever they want to do, wear what ever they want to wear and be with whomever they want to be with just, keep others in mind when in public. Great article, you have a very lucky husband!!
Posted on 07:50AM on Mar 22nd, 2012
I enjoyed reading your post, I completely agree with you. Both on your views about men wearing pantyhose and on the essence of love and accepting your significant other if what they truly are! Very well said!
Posted on 05:12AM on Apr 8th, 2012
I completely agree, when I wear hose under knee-high shorts, I try to combine the colors of my outfit. Never had bad comments. The hose is "invisible" if you look at my attire. (100 denier black or mocca hose). ;) Grtz Redpoint
Posted on 11:29PM on May 26th, 2012
I always wear suntan, or beige shades no matter what I wear,the two colors are neutral and go with anything,and yes I wear pantyhose everyday,in public,with my shorts,unless its too cold for shorts, then under my pants,I will wear what I choose, if someone doesn't like it, they don't have to look,my G/F knew when i met her that i wear pantyhose,she is totally ok with it,a couple of ladies blew me off for it when I was single,said it was creepy,etc.their loss,who needs a relationship where you cant be yourself,as for a lady in pantyhose? there is nothing sexier.
Posted on 07:18PM on Jul 3rd, 2012
I really enjoyed reading your post. Very well written - as always!

I think you've provided some good advice here. In all my life, I've never seen a man openly wear pantyhose (or at least did not notice). I have seen a couple of crossdressers...but they were trying to pass themselves off as women. Clearly, that is different than a man, dressed in men's clothing, that also happens to be wearing pantyhose.

I would definitely think that making sure the legs were hair-free would be important. I also think that sheer hosiery, in a matte finish of a color close to that person's natural skin tone would be a favorable approach to wearing them publicly. I guess I feel a more subtle approach would be the best. Thanks for writing this!
Posted on 08:34PM on Aug 12th, 2012
Your post is very interesting, but it seemed to be centered around your point of view: "From what I have gathered in the months that I have been here (and elswhere), it appears that many pantyhose-wearing men wear pantyhose for one or more of the following reasons (excluding any medical reasons):
■It is a fetish
■There is some sort of thrill to wearing them in public
■It is one element of a broader desire to crossdress"

It is a shame that the men wearing pantyhose for the three reasons above are the ones that catch everyone's attention, and are the ones you and others pre-judge pantyhose wearing men by. Your own husband conceals the fact he wears them.

I believe that far more men wear support panty-hose for medical reasons than for any of the three reasons above. And those men wearing them for medical reasons would like to be able to wear them openly without fear of being labeled by one of the other reasons. Worn under pants pantyhose are hot, very hot, and in the hot summer days it would be very nice for men having to wear them for medical reasons to be able to wear a pair of shorts or at least capris to help reduce the heat. Some men rather than face the embarassment of being publicly judged will let their vascular, cvi, or swelling issues get extremely bad because it just got too damn hot to wear their panythose under pants.

Why should that be? Pantyhose are just an article of clothing. An article of clothing that has multiple useful purposes, but even though women have all but abandonded them, they still concentrate on the one single use, which is for women to combine them with the right heels and dress to make them look more attractive. There are far too many other good uses for this garment, uses that benefit men and women alike medically for women to claim the garment as theirs alone for a sexual toy. Maybe that's why the guys with the fetish have them, and they are no different than the women who claim their fetish on them.

I have seen men wearing pantyhose openly, and the ones I've seen do not stick out, in fact you almost don't notice them. Most of them appear to have shaved legs or legs with very fine hair because you don't see it, and otherwise appear to be dressed as men. So I assumed that they must be wearing them for medical reasons, and they must be comfortable and confident in themselves. I also assumed they wanted their privacy as they were not flaunting their pantyhose or advertising in anyway hey look at me. I think it is time for people to enter the 21st century and forget about old fashioned ideas of why people do things. Just think if all the men wearing pantyhose for medical reasons could wear them openly, it would rid the guys wearing them for a fetish because it is no longer a woman's article of clothing.
Posted on 03:02PM on Aug 13th, 2012

You are correct. It is centered around a particular point of view.

However, as evidenced by your lecture, you appear to have overlooked my parenthetical comment: "excluding any medical reasons."

Regarding the last sentence of your treatise, societal acceptance wouldn't necessarily "rid the guys wearing them for a fetish [sic]" because a fetish need not center around a taboo object or activity. Your understanding of what constitutes a fetish seems to have a very narrow view. For example, a person can develop a fetish for something as mundane as collecting colored pencils.
Posted on 08:45PM on Aug 24th, 2012
I appreciate your post and your opinion and your open mind and honesty.

One point I would make is that in general people find it hard to accept men who wear pantyhose in public because pantyhose are considered "women's" clothing. But originally hose were worn by men in Europe.

At some point someone decided that they were no longer men's clothing, but only women's. I would like to know who made that decision and why.

If the general public would stop being so caught up with what is women's clothing and what is men's then we who wear pantyhose and skirts and dresses would not get strange looks. Women used to not be allowed to wear pants, now pants are normal women's attire.

I love the feel and look of pantyhose on my legs. I love the way a skirt moves when I am wearing pantyhose, and I love the feel of a skirt more than pants. If others like it or not does not matter to me, because I like it. I long for the day when men can wear fashionable skirts, dresses and pantyhose and it is accepted as normal.
Posted on 01:06AM on Nov 25th, 2012
A really nice piece I can agree with. I for one think that if a man wears hose to attract attention to himself is doing us all a big disservice. I KNOW the bennifits of support hose and wish I would be seen for what it is and not for me for what it is not. Then I would not have that worry of being discoveed. Thanks for so clearly stating the truth.
Posted on 12:58PM on Dec 10th, 2012
I really enjoyed your post. It was very well written and very well stated. I think it's great to hear a woman's perspective on this as well as any other topic along these lines. I think you have nailed it right on the head and very delicately stated your opinion without the least bit of hostility, resentment, offense or any other adjective that might imply some sort of disdain for any male wearing pantyhose....or anything else that's generally attributed to women's wear.

You are quite articulate and verbose. I stated that before. ha. I just said it differently this last time in an attempt to sound more scholarly.

You bring a very nice and welcomed perspective to men who either wear them or wear more.

What's interesting is that women can wear just about any piece of attire of men's clothing that they desire to wear and nothing is said about it whatsoever in any manner that could be construed as being negative. Quite the opposite, actually. In fact, it is considered "daring, flamboyant, risque, cutting edge" and whatever other complimentary terms that could be offered. She's mysterious!!, they might say.

But, when a guy wanders off the beaten path and dons anything attributed to women's wear, they are anything but a man. But, you gotta admit. Women's clothes are far sexier, more comfortable, delicious to wear and anything else you can consider. Women get the same feeling wearing some of those clothes as the fetishist males do is my point. But, it's a fetish if it's men doing it by most accounts.

I loved your article and would love to hear more from you on these subjects.
Posted on 06:00PM on Jan 8th, 2013
Incredibly well said! I started out wearing compression hose for medical reasons (diabetic and others) and found that I just truly felt comfortable in them. I purchase hosiery that is made specifically for men as well. Fly in the crotch, sturdier - thicker construction, etc.

My wife is quite accepting but I never take them to the bedroom. I would never want to misconstrue comfort for fetish. I think there are a lot more men out there wearing L'eggs and so on than we know.

Anyway, great piece. Thank you!
Posted on 06:09PM on Jan 15th, 2013
I guess others have said this but the 4th reason is medical. Edema (Leg Swelling) or people going on long airplane flights, post surgery (leg), knee injury, sports folks (Football players, Scuba Divers etc) When my surgeon's nurse suggested I see a nurse to get "fitted" for medical compression hose I resisted (Stigma-o-ramma) Long story short. Leg pain I don't need and taking pills to make me pee every 15 minutes got old pretty quick. Pain pills make me want to throw up so... I've worn compression hose 7 days a week for more then a year.

My wife eventually told me she gets heated up when I wear them (Who knew?) I don't wear them at night unless I want to make her get crazy. I told her she was weird but hey... Whatever works! Wiki suggests this is a male (and female) fetish for some small subgroup.

For the guys who say you have to shave your legs to keep the hose from sagging or bunching? Thats not true for me but it might be that I was professionally "fit" the proper size and I wear some rather expensive medical hose not Haynes or whatever they sell at JC Penny. And while I have no problem buying compression hose from a medical supply place I wouldn't be caught dead going to the ladies department for Leggs or whatever.
Posted on 02:53PM on Jan 23rd, 2013
I wear them for warmth along with tights and sometimes just because I want to. I have found that in the colder fall months and winter, they provide more warmth then men's traditional long underwear. I have only ever worn out in public openly once and that was under shorts and I was traveling by plane. NO one said anything and everyone even TSA acted normally. I don't think anyone even notice. I am also on my feet during most of the day walking around and I have found that after wearing them for a day, my legs and feet weren't as tired as they were before. Could it be psychological, maybe, all I know is I felt better. That's my 2 cents worth. Good artical
Posted on 07:21PM on Jan 29th, 2013
nice I think is missing...
when men try to replicate women in wearing pantyhose it is not authentic...but I can show you pics of myself wearing layers of pantyhose and stockings and heels which are amazingly beautiful...but a view on its own.. Give me your email adresses and I will sent them to you..

be well Jorgen
Posted on 07:32AM on Mar 23rd, 2013
I have to wear medical compression 30-40 pantyhose and have done so for the past 7 years. My wife accepts it, but does not like to see me in them. She saw me once and preferred not to see me again. Then I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and had the surgery. During the first week at home my wife had to help me put hose on because I was too weak to and too sore. She did it like a trouper. I never wear them with shorts and they are always hidden under my trousers. Mine are opaque and I wear them without socks. They may be a little sheer in the sun at my ankle, but I am past caring what others think. I am now used to wearing them, but a bit self conscious.

You wrote a nice article.
Posted on 12:59AM on Jul 2nd, 2013
I have had a phose fetish since grade scjool
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